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Dear reader (and listener), 2002-12-23

I am very glad you have entered my web pages. I hope you are not in such a hurry as not to examine briefly my music and my personality. I love to sing, play my harmonica and guitar, too. To make it even more fun is to do it with good and talented friends. An important part in the whole process, of course, is if I can have you guys to listen to it all, and better yet, if you like what you hear.

My background in music is very complicated and one of these days I can tell something about it upon such need. I was born in 1957 in Kuusankoski, Finland. Later on I spent many many years studying biology and other related stuff beginning late 70s continuing all the way ’til early 90s. During that time my musical activities went on and off without any particular logic. When I finally got everything done in terms of so called education I decided it is now or never time to try to pursue a career of any sort in music. During the last few years I have been trying to work hard to achieve at least some kind of a status as a vocalist and harpist mainly in deep blues and soul. I have also gathered influences from various other musical genre: rock, c&w, jazz, folk etc. I have always respected the past and the pioneers but I tend to like to mix things a bit in search for something new. To make it sound like me rather than someone who has already existed. Narsistic as I am.

Over the years I have had an opportunity to play with several skillful players and the number of these valuable contacts keep going up almost on weekly basis. I have learned so much from various people both in respect of playing skills as well as attitude and working ethics. Please, keep playing with me folks, I will do everything in my power not to let you down, ever.

My great desire is to make music. To be able to do that one needs to really dedicate himself (or herself) to the job. Maybe one of these days I can quit my daily job and start putting all the hours available to me in developing my musical visions and practical implementation of them. Certainly, I would appreciate anybody’s help in my quest here. So please call me up, send me Email, offer me a recording contract, hire me to sing and play harp in a well established band, ask me to write songs… Any support is more than welcome, even if you just let me know that you enjoyed some of my music samples. You can also hire me and the bands I currently work with to play at clubs, restaurants, private parties etc. etc. To be able to climb up on the stage is a treat and I love to communicate with the audience via my music. I don’t need much more than a silent smile from someone in the crowd to get me really excited and going…

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you! I will soon provide you with more audio samples including music from the bands I work with at the moment. I most surely will also let you know who are the players I presently have an honor to play with. A bunch of awesome people I can tell you. In the meantime, don’t go away. If you do, please come back!



P.S. At this point I want to express my high regards and gratitude towards my good pal, Jorma Kallela, the bass player with the ultimate precision with whom I have had an opportunity to play with in the past and hopefully will in the future, too. Jorma, as being also very artistic multimedia professional has designed my web pages.

Jyrki Tomminen, Hyrkkäläntie 460, 54800 Savitaipale, Finland, tel: +358 40 5555780