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Currently I am involved in the following bands:


I am very glad and proud to announce that beginning May 2008 I have been invited to join the fabulous and legendary band H.A.R.P:

J. Tomminen & T. Leino Duo:
Tomi Leino: guitar, backup vocal
Tomi Leino( and

Jyrki Tomminen: vocal, harmonica

Genuine country blues right from the hearts of suffering poor souls. This is a real thing!!

South Carelian Bluesmen

I have a great pleasure to occassionally play with the following musicians:
Lauri El Vee Valjakka: drums
Jari Vepsäläinen: guitar
Jyty Syrjäläinen: bass
Pekka Suomi: keyboards

Seppo Valjakka

We have done great stuff together in the near past. Maybe it is not over yet, future will tell.

Zape Leppänen Band

This is a gorgeous band in many ways. Zape has a long and outstanding history (and future) in the Finnish music scene. It is a great pleasure to be working with him side by side. We play rhythm'n blues, blues and soul. With Zape in drums I myself sing and play harp (surprise). Other players are: Jonne Kulluvaara guitar and Petri Christiansson bass. You better come and groove with us because we're gonna rock the house.

I am also ready to entertain people playing some good blues as a duo with Jonne Kulluvaara. ( Jonne is a very much respected blues guitarist and not at all without a good reason. He is a talent. I hope we will get more chances to enjoy playing with each other.

Luckily I still have the opportunity to play and hang around and hopefully also do some gigs with Mr. Awesome i.e. Petri Pulkkinen and Mr. Groove Accordion i.e. Jouni Saari. Zape and myself we have had so many memorable moments of the ultimate fun with these two musical multi-instrumentalists. And the project still continues..

Now that I have moved to Taipalsaari I have got a pleasure to get acquainted with a bunch of lovely musicians from Lemi: Mika Heikka (guitar, vocals), Timo Buuri (guitar, vocals), Jarmo Vessari (bass) and Jari Heikka (drums). They have their own actively gigging band "Sumun Tähteet" and the success in their performance is always guaranteed. Perfect attitude along with the talent in these guys' playing makes me very happy that I can join them once in while.

Come to listen to us! Come to talk to us! Come to communicate with us, with a smile!

Jyrki Tomminen, Hyrkkäläntie 460, 54800 Savitaipale, Finland, tel: +358 40 5555780