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I greet you all with a hearty welcome to my universe of music. Music signifies different things to different people. To me music is a way of living. An indispensable means of surviving in this hectic yet most interesting world. A world where at the moment there exists an unfortunate and ruthless requirement of ultimate efficiency in doing stuff. It just doesn’t let you go even for a second, does it. Unless you are productive and innovative all the time you are a waste of time. I urge you all good people not to give up hope. You can only be efficient and productive when you are doing something you really believe in and you are excited about. To me it would be singing and playing. No matter how unimportant and useless it may seem in the eyes of other fellow human beings. I am keeping my thumbs up and fingers crossed that one day I am able to focus my full energy in doing just that. What ever it is you have always pictured yourself doing I hope you get a chance to do it. Waiting for all this to happen be patient and remember, after down comes up again.

Jyrki Tomminen, Hyrkkäläntie 460, 54800 Savitaipale, Finland, tel: +358 40 5555780