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  photo by Martti Kupiainen

I am very glad and proud to announce that beginning May 2008 I have been invited to join the fabulous and legendary band H.A.R.P:

This site is about LOVE.

My name is Jyrki. I'm a blues and soul singer and harpist from Finland. A bit of guitarist, too. Where ever I go I carry my harmonica in my back pocket. In these pages I'm giving You a glimpse of my universe of music, current projects and other relevant information regarding the use of my vocal cords. You can also hear some MP3 samples of the songs I've played or created.


Gigs in the future:
  Have a good life folks! See ya at next level!
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Jyrki Tomminen, Hyrkkäläntie 460, 54800 Savitaipale, Finland, tel: +358 40 5555780